About BBFG

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service in helping our clients make smart decisions with their money through tax and financial planning.

Company History

Known for an outstanding reputation in their field of service, affordable fees, and satisfied clients, BBFG is located in Bloomington, MN.  Proud of the services BBFG can offer clients, they are also proud of the many generations of families within their client database and the numerous referrals received on an ongoing basis.

Burns Brothers Financial Group was originally founded as Burns Income Tax by Bob Burns in 1949. Within a few years, Bob’s brothers Jim & Gene followed in his lead and joined him.  What began as providing income tax services grew into also providing services in financial planning and the name ultimately became Burns Brothers Financial Group (BBFG). 

Today, the company is owned by three partners, Scott Burns, Frank Ell, and Frank Shimkus.  Along with the partners,  the other members of the company consists of highly skilled income tax advisors/preparers and financial planners including current generation Burns' family members.